Nate Newman in his natural habitat

About Nate Newman


Nate hails from Cleveland, OH and has been playing the guitar since the age of 14.  The Newman household was filled with the sound of his father’s records, including music by Pink Floyd, Carlos Santana, and Eric Clapton. Nate recalls being attracted to the sound of the electric guitar at a young age, because of his early exposure to those artists.

Nate attended the University of Cincinnati and graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Many people are surprised to learn that Nate worked as a public accountant for a year after moving to Austin, Tx. He credits the job as the experience that pushed him to finally embark on a career in music.

Since then, Nate has been involved in teaching one-on-one with his private students, teaching ukulele classes as an instructor for Groundwork Music Project and performing in multiple local acts. Nate also attends Austin Community College for music and hopes to eventually receive a bachelor’s in guitar performance.


Nate has played in bands in the roles of guitarist and bassist at different times. His style of playing is influenced by funk, rock, jam bands, jazz, hip-hop, and fusion. In addition to guitar and bass, Nate plays piano, ukulele, and is involved in MIDI production and electronic music. Nate’s students have ranged from beginners and intermediate players to children and adults in a wide range of styles and interests.

When Nate isn’t playing music he enjoys yoga, traveling, reading, writing, design, tinkering, craft beer, Austin’s vibrant food scene, and seeing live music in and around town.