Guitar Lessons

Our first lesson is generally for becoming acquainted with one another and getting an idea of where, you, the student is coming from. We reach an understanding of you as a player in terms experience, style, interests and aspirations. From there we set our sights on a goal, like playing a certain song, learning to solo in different scales and modes, a certain style of playing etc. We then systematically build the skills needed to get you there! Before every lesson, I prepare materials and information for a topic. There’s always a game plan but we’re not bound to a topic if another idea comes up in the lesson. I send the student home with materials and topics to follow up on after every lesson. I take into account different learning styles and rates of progress to make sure that the lessons are as enjoyable and effective as possible.

I’ve found teaching and seeing my students improve week to week very rewarding. I pride myself on my commitment to my students’ progress and development. Being responsive and perceptive to students’ needs has become one of the highest priorities in how I teach. The real learning will be taking place between our lessons, when you’re working on each week’s material. Shoot me an email, and I’ll make sure that you get whatever you need in order to conquer your learning challenges.


I will travel for in-home lessons for a standard rate of $35 for a half hour and $60 for an hour with some variation depending on distance. For online lessons, rates are $25 for a half hour of instruction and $40 for a full hour. Pricing for lesson packages are negotiable. I’m very flexible about scheduling, but changes and cancellations will only be accepted if they are requested more than 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. Call and set up your first lesson today!